CSR Racing: Cheats

Of course, the developers are concerned that their game is played as long as they generate revenues through the insertion of advertising banners. Nevertheless, a speedy advance and the greatest play fun is usually only possible with the use of Barem. In the game “CSR Racing” there are however a few tricks, with which the game can be boosted even without the use of small money.


CSR Racing: The best hacks (cheats) in the overview

To classic cheats or a hack it is not our tips. To win a race, it still takes the necessary little bit of luck and of course exercise. However, for example, the level of the gasoline can be influenced.

Fill up the gasoline free of charge
Once your gasoline has been exhausted, you do not have to grab the credit card and grab your pocket money, it is simply a simple changeover of the date to the next day. To do this, you go into the time settings of your smartphone and deactivate the automatic comparison with the network operators. CSR Racing 2 hack

Then you set the date as the date and restart the app. Your petrol tank should now be refilled. To replenish your petrol, you can invite your friends via Facebook , e-mail or SMS to the game.

Caution:  Do not set the date too far, because otherwise you can not fill up your tank for the period you are using, and you will not get free fuel fillings when you exceed the maximum capacity.

Free Gold
The allocation of gold is also time-based. For this it is enough to imagine the time by an hour, already the next “gold rain” rattles over you. The two tricks can be repeated as desired. Buying stickers should also be considered. Stickers cost a little bit of coal, but you get money back in the race. Here it is often worth to think about a purchase.

CSR Racing: Cheats, Tipps & Tricks

Furthermore, I would like to give you more tips to help one or the other of you certainly help:

A good tip is also switching at the right time. If you switch too fast, you do not get to the speed you need, turn it on too late, take it too long to the finish line. Here it is simply the right feeling for switching to develop. Test times different switching methods.

Nitro should also test times when you use it best. We recommend that you use it on the third course, a bet is often not enough, since you can not get the boost to the finish line.

Daily events
There is often extra charcoal for the participation in daily events. Also worth repeating the ladder, if you do not win, there is still ash!

CSR Racing Hack: Beware of frauds

On the web, there are numerous sites that offer hacks and, for example, infinite petrol or free by installing an application on the smartphone or computer. These are usually viruses, so caution is advised in such offers. It is a good idea to completely abandon the use of such applications in order to be on the safe side. From a classic (working) hack for CSR Racing we have not taken any notice.