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The best tricks of FIFA 17

Nicolás Villalba is 16 years old and looks like playing virtual soccer. He won the FIFA 16 tournament in Argentina Game Show and was chosen to represent the country in the World Electronic Sports World Cup (ESWC) held in France.

“I started playing 7 years ago, with FIFA 11 and in a more professional way four months ago,” he said in a dialogue with Infobae .

He dreams of being a doctor and for now the world of e-sport is just a hobby to which he dedicates, at most, ten hours a week. Probably a lot less than other gamers, but that time for it seems to be sufficient.

Visiting the studios of Infobae recorded a video with the best tips to play FIFA 17

To run the corners, there is a kind of yellow crossbow in the field that allows you to see the direction the ball will take before kicking. If just the button is pressed the ball will be fired high up, but if you hold the pressure more firmly the blow will be more direct and faster.

With regard to free throws, it is possible to choose the distance between the player and the ball. If a front throw is made, the shot will go from top to bottom; Instead if the player is positioned on the same side of the foot with which he is going to kick, then the shot will go more side, with an effect from outside to inside.

The penalties also changed with respect to the 16th edition. As mentioned in the previous cases, you can choose the distance and direction of the ball, with the help of an indicator arrow that is projected in the field. The first thing to do is set the starting position. Then you can select the speed with the joystick. If you want to go faster you have to move the stick forward and if you want to slow down, you should move the stick back.

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Other issues to highlight

The FIFA 17 premiered graphics engine: the Frostbite 4. It stands out for the level of detail with which it shows the faces of the players, the texture of the dress and the illumination of the court. Frostbite 4 is also present in games like Battlefield or Need for Speed: Rivals.

Also added a new modality of game, that is called the journey. This allows you to control a player’s career in all aspects: dealing with clubs, training and everything that makes the world of the ball. The character in question is Alex Hunter, a young Englishman of 17 years who wants to follow in the footsteps of his grandfather, Jim Hunter, a legend of British football. Alex has before him a great challenge to get to compete in the big leagues and the goal is to achieve it. For that we will have to make the best possible decisions.

Undoubtedly, this alternative, which includes an elaborate plot and gives the user the possibility of controlling the destiny of a player, is one of the new features of this new version of FIFA.